Senior Minister Sun Chanthol Inspect the road construction and improvements of National Road #1

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MPWT National 1

On the evening of July 11, 2016, His Excellency Senior Minister Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport, went to inspect the road construction and improvements of National Road #1 from PK0 to PK4, which has begun since April 2015 and expected to be completed by March 2017. To date 60% of the improvements are completed.

Major challenges are caused by traffic congestion due to 2,000-3,000 vehicles per day using this section, house relocation delays causing the removal of transmission line poles to be delayed, and congestion caused by illegally parked taxis and other commercial vehicles.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport thanks all citizens for their patience and understanding during this difficult time period for citizens utilizing this section of road.

Once completed we pledge that the improvements to National Road #1 will have been well worth the trouble and effort that our citizens have endured.

His Excellency also urged the house owners who have not cooperated with the authority to do so as soon as possible.


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