Cambodia Met the criteria of LDC Graduation for the first time in 2021

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The CDP uses three criteria to identify countries as least developed and reviews the list of LDCs every three years. Official data used in these triennial reviews of the LDC category since 2000 can be downloaded in Excel format.

The CDP Secretariat has also produced time series estimates of the LDC criteria providing information of countries’ progress towards the LDC criteria from 2000 onwards. The dataset differs from the official triennial review dataset due to data revisions, changes in data sources, methodological changes and most notable, changes in composition of the composite indices HAI and EVI.

The CDP decided in 2020 to enhance the graduation framework by introducing a set of supplementary graduation indicators (SGIs). These indicators describe vulnerabilities not fully captured by the LDC criteria and other factors relevant for graduation. The SGI dataset, including a visualization of the latest available data can be downloaded. More information on the dataset can be found in the explanatory note.

Reported in Khmer:

source: https://www.un.org/development/desa/dpad/least-developed-country-category-cambodia.html


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