Cambodia, Japan discuss special economic zone establishment

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December 27, 2023 – Inter-ministries and a Japanese delegation have discussed a study project on the establishment of Cambodia-Japan Special Economic Zone, aimed to encourage more Japanese investors to invest in Cambodia.

The meeting focused on two major topics, including the expansion of Sihanouk vile Autonomous Port to become a regional port, and the study and preparation of Cambodia-Japan Special Economic Zone, which will attract more Japanese investors to invest in Cambodia.

Besides, the meeting also touched on the Comprehensive Inter-modal Transport and Logistics Master plan (CIT-MP) 2023-2033, which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Supreme National Economic Council, with the support of key development partners.

This master plan is designed by combining seven main master plans to be interconnected and to facilitate the transport of goods, passengers, and services within the country, the region, and the world. AKP

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